Liberal Arts Professors Honored by Phi Kappa Phi

Congratulations to our College of Liberal Arts professors who were recognized in 2009-10 by Phi Kappa Phi:

Ben Agger, Sociology
Stacy Alaimo, English
Joseph Bastien, Anthropology
Donald Burquest, Linguistics and TESOL
Karel Carpenter, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Elisabeth Cawtorn, History
Andrew Clar,k Communication
Jonathan Davis-Secord, English
Joyce Goldberg, History
Sam Haynes, History
Susan Hekman, Humanities (c/o Political Science)
Brian Horton, Communication
Joseph Ignagni, Political Science
David Narrett, History
Kenda North, Art and Art History
Nancy Padorr-Black, English
Steven Reinhardt, History
David Silva, Linguistics and TESOL
Shelley Smith, Anthropology
John Stickels, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Laurel Stvan, Linguistics and TESOL
Jose Tamez, Modern Languages
Barton Weiss, Art and Art History
Mindia Whittier, Communication
Christian Zlolniski, Anthropology

Phi Kappa Phi is a national honor society.

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