ROTC Cadets Rally for Long March

Dozens of ROTC cadets participated in Wednesday’s pep rally in the University Center mall, preparing themselves for the 126-mile trek to Ft. Hood slated to being Saturday morning.

The rally, which featured former cadets who made the journey 50 years ago, included comments from retired Col. Joel Ward and retired Major Gen. Will Latham. Latham led Ward and his fellow cadets on a 150-mile march to Ft. Hood in June 1960.

This year’s trek will begin at Memorial Stadium at 5 a.m. on Saturday and is scheduled to end around 10 a.m. Wednesday at the north gate to Ft. Hood outside Gatesville.

Read more on the Corps of Cadets’ long march.

Cadets listen to stories from former cadets who marched to Ft. Hood 50 years ago.
More than three dozen cadest will participate in the march.
Major Gen. Will Latham (Ret.) encourages UT Arlington cadets to "dig down deep" as they make the 126-mile trek to Ft. Hood.

(Photos by James Dunning)

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