UTA Radio.com Names New Station Manager


Senior broadcast major Charity Hitt has been named Station Manager for UTA Radio.com, replacing graduating senior Michelle Leverett.

“Charity brings a fresh enthusiasm to the station,” says faculty advisor Lance Liguez. “Her attention to detail and burgeoning interest in radio programming makes her a natural fit.”

Hitt’s interest in radio peaked after taking a radio production class, which involved hosting a weekly music show featuring local artists.  Since August 2009, she has served as a station assistant. Her duties included producing on-air promos and finding creative ways to market the station. In addition to her duties at UTA, Hitt is currently an intern at Salem-owned KLTY 94.9.

Hitt’s appointment is one of many changes to the station. Last December, UTA Radio completed a major upgrade which greatly enhanced the quality of the station’s internet broadcast. The equipment available to students now rivals, and in some cases exceeds, those found at commercial stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan market, Liguez said. In addition, UTA Radio has expanded its playlist to include more local music from artists not heard on traditional radio.

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