Council Bridges Gap Between Liberal Arts Students, University

Helping Liberal Arts students find their voice is the primary mission of the Liberal Arts Constituency Council (LACC).

“The LACC works as a bridge between students and the College of Liberal Arts and the dean’s office,” said public relations senior Rebekah Karth. “Each college has a constituency council that puts students’ concerns to the colleges directly to the dean’s office and student governance.”

Organizers were pleased with the turnout for the group’s first meeting of the year in mid-September, and they hope discussions on ideas and goals will spur momentum.

“There was good attendance; they seem to be fairly active,” said Dr. Eric Bolsterli, Assistant Dean and faculty advisor for LACC. “They’re willing to work together. I think we’ll get something to happen.”

One of this year’s goals for LACC is to have at least one representative from the various Liberal Arts organizations, like PRSSA and Lamda Alpha. LACC also hopes to reinitiate Liberal Arts week, which, like the Greek organizations’ “Find Your Fit” event for students, would generate more recognition for the 17 different Liberal Arts majors.

In the past, LACC has helped students connect with university leadership. A few years ago, the group invited Dr. Beth Wright, Dean of Liberal Arts, for a Q-and-A session to discuss tuition changes and the future of Liberal Arts programs.

“That is the kind of think Dr. Wright would like to use the LACC to do,” Bolsterli said. “She really wants a way to communicate with students to find out what their concerns are.”

The extent of LACC’s recent activity has been the Galloday Award, an annual award given to a Liberal Arts professor by popular student vote. Last year’s winner was Political Science professor Dr. Allan Saxe.

Karth is eager to increase LACC activity on campus.

“This is one of the few chances you have to bring together the different majors into a unified voice to bring forth change within COLA,” she said.

The next LACC meeting is scheduled for noon Monday, Oct. 4 in the Sabine Room of the E.H. Hereford University Center.

[Story by Amanda Enriquez]

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