Communication Instructor Shares Knowledge Outside Classroom

Department of Communication Instructor Mike Putnam is used to sharing his communication skills in the classroom, but these days Putnam is often called upon to take his skills on the road. The communication professional, who has taught a variety of speech communication classes for the department since 1993, conducts communication workshops for on and off-campus groups, organizations and individuals.

Putnam recently hosted a communication workshop for Director of Counseling and Career Development Cynthia Bing and members of her counseling staff. Putnam provided the group with organization and delivery tips to assist them with their many on-campus presentations.

“Additionally, I offered some thoughts on what to do and not do (verbal and nonverbal) related to the actual delivery the message,” Putnam said.

“Most professionals have their content or substantive issues down pat. But often they don’t give a lot of thought to the organization of their ideas or in the actual delivery of them.  A few tips and suggestions can frequently turn a good message into a much stronger one,” Putnam explained.

Putnam is also working with a Fort Worth high school student, helping the student overcome his fear of public speaking.

“The young man I’m working with relayed to me that his high school teacher told him to just imagine that his audience had no clothes on — Hardly an effective way for anyone to overcome speech anxiety. In fact, it may even worsen the matter,” Putnam advised. “There are ways to help students combat this common problem that do not rely on juvenile imagery or baseless suggestions.”

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