UTA TV Upgrades Facilities

UTA TV channel 99 facilities have been upgraded with new hardware that allows live newscasts to air on Time Warner Cable.

Joe Carter, manager of technical operations for the department, says a lot of work has been put into upgrading the department’s facilities.

“We’re doing things with our TV programs that haven’t been done before at UTA,” Carter said. “The students are really getting good experience with our shows, and there’s been a lot of excitement surrounding our productions.”

UTA News is a weekly student-produced newscast featuring stories on events and happenings around campus. For the first time, the shows are being broadcast to Arlington cable subscribers live. Also with the use of new technologies such as Skype video, students often report live on location during newscasts, Carter notes.

Channel 99 airs replays of the week’s student news, and a variety of other programming including Army Newswatch, Student Congress meetings, and Deutsche Welle North America.

The Communication Department’s UTA News en Español (UTANE) is the only student newscast in Spanish in north Texas. It utilizes traditional, and new and emerging media technologies to gather and disseminate news.

Univision 23 (KUVN) recently featured UTA News en Español in a profile story on the station’s daily newscast. The original Univision news report has been posted online and can also be seen on Univision Dallas’ website.

UTA News en Español (UTANE) can be seen in Arlington in Time Warner Cable’s Channel 99, and online at utanews.com. Follow the group on Facebook and to leave comments about the students’ work.

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