Recognition, Excellence Kick Off 2011

FROM THE DEAN … Dr. Beth Wright

It may be a chilly January day, but we are almost ready to begin Spring 2011 in the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Only a month ago, we saw more than 750 students cross the stage at Texas Hall in two graduation ceremonies. During the past few weeks we’ve learned of national and international recognition for our faculty and our students:

  • Darryl Lauster (Assistant Professor in Art) saw his sculptural work, “Reliquary for Mount Pleasant (2007-2010),” entered into permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • Ya’Ke Smith (Assistant Professor in Film) has received 11awards so far in the US and Mexico for his film, Katrina’s Son.
  • Joshua Jensen, a graduate student, will receive the Linguistics Society of America’s prize for Best Student Abstract at their annual meeting. UT Arlington joins Stanford and UC Berkeley in this honor.
  • Two faculty members in Music, Linton Powell (Professor in Organ) and Martha Walvoord (Assistant Professor in Violin), recently performed in London.
  • And the most recent book by Sam Haynes (Professor in History), “Unfinished Revolution. The Early American Republic in a British World” (University of Virginia Press, 2010), was named the History Book Club’s Featured Selection.

We’re delighted – but not surprised – that the exceptional quality of our faculty and student research scholarship and creative activity is being recognized and applauded.

We are readying ourselves for record-breaking growth (once again!) in UT Arlington enrollment, College of Liberal Arts majors, and class offerings.  We’re midway through searches for six tenure-stream faculty and have already hired two excellent faculty members — our top choices accepted our offer because they want to work with our wonderful faculty and students, and they value what we are already doing.

Our generous supporters value what we are doing, as well. We appreciate the money that is coming to us to use in the Dean’s Excellence Fund (where they support graduate student research travel and conference presentation) and in the establishment of student scholarships. The 5,044 undergraduate and graduate students thank you!

Throughout the year we will continue to be in touch with you, and let you know some of the ways our faculty and our students are using their knowledge and their talents to have an impact in their discipline, their community, and around the world. For now, welcome to Spring 2011. I wish you a wonderful semester.

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