COLA Faculty Honored at Spring Awards Event


Several faculty members of the College of Liberal Arts were honored Tuesday at a faculty awards ceremony on the UT Arlington campus.

Awards were given for excellence in teaching and noteworthy research, and several professors were recognized for their mentoring efforts.

The 2011 awards include:

  • Distinguished Record of Research or Creative Activity: Dr. Douglas Richmond (History)
  • President’s Award for Excellence in Distance Education Teaching: Rechelle Christie (English)
  • Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Jonathan Davis-Secord (English)
  • Academy of Distinguished Teachers: Dr. Chris Conway (Modern Languages) and Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers (Political Science)
  • Faculty Mentoring Program: Dr. Stacy Alaimo (English), Dr. Robert Bing (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Dan Cavanagh (Music), Dr. Elisabeth Cawthon (History), Dr. Philip Cohen (English/Graduate Studies), Dr. Alex del Carmen (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Dr. Robert Fairbanks (History), Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers (Political Science), Tim Ishii (Music), Dr. Bob Kunovich (Sociology and Anthropology), Dr. Elizabeth Morrow (Music), David Navalinsky (Theatre Arts), Dr. Jerry Rodnitzky (History), Dr. Laurel Stvan (Linguistics and TESOL), Dr. Robert Young (Sociology and Anthropology), and Dr. Christian Zlolniski (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • McNair Scholars Program, Faculty Mentors: Dr. Sarah Davis-Secord (History), Dr. Lonny Harrison (Modern Languages), Dr. Bob Kunovich (Sociology and Anthropology), Dr. Benjamin Lima (Art and Art History), Dr. Linda Rouse (Sociology and Anthropology), and Dr. Jason Shelton (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Faculty Development Leaves for 2011-12: Dr. Jinny Choi (Modern Languages), Dr. Joyce Goldberg (History), Dr. Soo Hong Kim (Music)
  • Research Enhancement Program Grants for 2011-12: Dr. Chunping Han (Sociology and Anthropology)

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