Local Students Can Add Creative Flair, Song to Summer

High school students interested in art and music will have the opportunity this summer to study with some of UT Arlington’s award-winning faculty.

The Department of Music is hosting five camps this year, inviting North Texas students to learn from master musicians and teachers in concert band (June 12-16), marching band (June 19-23), strings (July 17-22), choir (July 31-Aug. 3) and cello (Aug. 1-5).

Dr. John Burton, department chair, said the camps at UT Arlington offer students an educational opportunity they might not find elsewhere.

“All of the camps at UT Arlington are led by full-time faculty devoted to the training of young musicians,” Burton said. “We bring in leading educators from the area to teach and coordinate activities that provide an enriching experience not found in many camps. It affords students a college level experience that transforms their musical understanding.”

In the north end of the Fine Arts Building, nationally and internationally recognized professors from the Department of Art and Art History will be cultivating creativity from local students. The sixth annual Strategies, Events, Episodes and Devices seminar, or SEED 6, will take place June 7-17.

The two-week event will focus on exploration of 3-D visualization, wherein student artists and designers will explore the field of 3-D design and animation. Students will design and create a 3-D world of their own, complete with buildings, characters, and natural surroundings using a number of professional digital tools, media and mediums, officials said.

“This year’s theme is ‘Creating Your Own World’ and will allow students to use traditional and digital media to literally create a world of their own imagining,” said Mark Clive, Senior Lecturer. “Design begins with exploration on paper, creating maps, exploring the form, color, and substance of the student’s proposed world, and progresses to the visualization of it, utilizing the department’s state of the art digital media lab. Students have a chance to not only experience what it’s like to study at the college level … they will create work with the professional artists of the Art and Art History Department, giving them some idea of what it takes to be a successful artist in the real world.”

For more information on these events, please contact the department offices or click on the links below.

Summer Camps:

Assistant Professor Seiji Ikeda (left) watches over high school students working on virtual characters in the SEED 5 seminar last year.

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