New Exhibit Offers Gripping Look at U.S.-Mexico Border Violence

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is arguably the most violent city in the world. Historically known as El Paso del Norte or The Northern Pass, the city of 1.5 million saw more than 3,000 murders in 2010 — more than were killed in the entire country of Afghanistan during that same year, according to the U.S. and Mexican government.

Most victims were innocent bystanders gunned down by ruthless drug cartels. Some of the attacks were carried out on city buses as factory workers headed home after a long day on the job. Other attacks targeted lovebirds on a date and birthday celebrations.

Dominic Bracco II, a distinguished photojournalist and 2008 graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington, has documented the horrors of Mexico’s drug war through evocative images of violence and its aftermath, of grieving families and tender scenes of day-to-day urban life. His photos are the heart of a new exhibit, “Life and Death in The Northern Pass,” which opens Aug. 15 and runs through Jan. 14, 2012 in the UT Arlington Central Library’s Sixth Floor Parlor, 702 Planetarium Place.


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