Four English Faculty Named Outstanding Teachers

Four Department of English faculty will receive the University of Texas System’s 2011 Regent’s Outstanding Teaching Award this month.

Professors Dr. Stacy Alaimo and Dr. Ken Roemer and Senior Lecturers Laura Kochick and Dr. Peggy Kulesz were among eight faculty members recognized from The University of Texas at Arlington. Seventy-two educators in the UT System were honored.

“We are tremendously proud that four faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts have had their pedagogical excellence recognized,” said Dr. Beth Wright, Dean of Liberal Arts. “The Department of English is known for its commitment to transformative education. As the Association of American Colleges and Universities has explained, a liberal arts education makes it possible for students to develop the skills which they need for a lifetime: critical thinking; the ability to read for information, communicate and write effectively; an appreciation of the historical, cultural, ethical, and global environments that surround the application of skilled work; the ability to work together in teams; civic engagement on a local and global level; and the ability to synthesize knowledge and integrate learning so that they can be applied in new settings to complex and unscripted problems.

“UT Arlington’s students are fortunate to have the opportunity to study with these dedicated, creative, and excellent faculty members.”

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