CRCJ Cohort Program Graduates First Class

This summer, the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice saw another milestone in its Cohort Master’s Program: 31 students from the Dallas-Fort Worth criminal justice community graduated after completing the two-year program.

“[We are] very proud to graduate 31 members of the first graduate cohort program. These graduates represent the criminal justice community throughout the DFW area and include administrators of police departments, courts and corrections,” said Dr. Alex del Carmen, Professor and Department Chair. “We are mostly proud of their hard work and dedication, which is representative of the impact our department has made in the criminal justice community in the past few years.”

Students attended classes twice a week for two years at the University’s Fort Worth campus to complete the 36 required credit hours. Program Coordinator Kristin Cappallo said she is excited to not only see the class graduate together, but how those students have formed deeper relationships with the UT Arlington department faculty and staff.

“For myself, the most rewarding part of working with the program are the relationships I’ve been able to form with each student – as both UT Arlington alumni and DFW criminal justice professionals,” she said.

Cappallo said the second class is in the middle of its two-year schedule and the Class of 2013 begins next week. For more information about the cohort master’s program, log on to the department’s website.

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