Communication Students Debut New Magazine

The Department of Communication now has an all-encompassing online magazine that will inform students of what is going on in the department as well as provide useful information that will help them in their academic and professional careers.

The magazine, titled Commradere, is directed by Lecturer Geoff Campbell and goes live online today as a background to Communication Day, the department’s annual student event.

“Communication Day is a day that celebrates the department, and it seemed appropriate to launch a new student publication – produced by students in the department of communication – on that day,” said Campbell.

The genesis of the magazine was born in Campbell’s Communication Topics course. Campbell said he want a core group of students to learn what it is like to create and launch something from the ground up. “It’s providing a real-life experience for students,” he said. There is no budget for the class, no management that oversees the group decisions.  Students must look at story and design options, weigh alternatives, and ultimately make a decision that is in the best interest of the magazine.

“This is something we will be doing in the real world,” said student Ali Khan. “You start a project from scratch and you have to collaborate with people who have different specialties.”

Commaradere will provide details on upcoming events that are specific to communication majors.  It will also carry stories on various communication topics, such as the role of technology and communication, the effect of dating sites, and guidelines on downloading music.  All of the stories will be written by students in the class — a new experience for those who are not journalism majors, Campbell said.

While many students are learning as they go, several said they were confident the experience will be well worth the effort.

“I really look forward to the product,” Khan said. “It’s just the beginning right now and the end product is definitely going to be something worth looking at and adding on to your resume.”

[Written by Ben Muir, College of Liberal Arts]

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