Pool Leads Trio on Album, Brazil Trip

Dr. Scott Pool (Music) will lead a trio of bassoon, piano and vocals to Brazil this weekend. (File photo)

The College of Liberal Arts continues to gain exposure, this time from an unexpected source. Dr. Scott Pool, Assistant Professor of Music, is heading up a group of musicians that will soon record a CD and then take their music to South America.

The album, titled “Vocalise,” is set to be recorded Thursday and Friday in the department’s Studio 301. An evening concert will follow Friday’s recording session. The free concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Irons Recital Hall (105 Fine Arts Building). All performance professors in the Department of Music are required to give recitals each year to keep up their performance abilities, said Pool.

The participants in the on-campus recital this Friday include mezzo-soprano and Associate Professor of Music Wanda Brister-Rachwal (Florida State University) as well as pianist Natsuki Fukasawa, from California. Though the bassoon and piano is a common combination, the voice is not, said Pool. One of the songs the trio plan to record is a piece written especially for them last year, he said.

On Saturday, the trio will fly to Rio de Janeiro, a popular city along the southern coast of Brazil. They plan on making good use of their time in the southern hemisphere, Pool said, performing at a museum as well as several university campuses.

“Going to Rio is like going to New York City, there are so many venues,” he said. “We will be quite busy, with something official to do every day.”

The trip is all part of the faculty “remaining active,” and ensuring that the students know the faculty is engaged in their field and not merely teaching, said Pool. He also views the trio as a group of ambassadors for the university.

“When we go down to Brazil we’re not taking just our own individual personalities, we’re taking UTA,” he said. “We’re spokespeople for UT-Arlington in Brazil.”

[Written by Ben Muir, College of Liberal Arts]


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