Nearly 900 Named to COLA Dean’s List

In a rare feat, nearly 900 liberal arts students were named to the dean’s list for Fall 2012 late last month.

For years, hundreds of students received recognition for their academic hard work each semester. Last fall marked the first time in several years so many students claimed the honor.

“One reason that so many students are on the list is that our students are smart and talented and they are professional,” said Dr. Beth Wright, Dean of Liberal Arts. “They recognize how their individual classes tie into a professional plan after they earn their degree.”

To be named to the dean’s list, UT Arlington liberal arts majors must earn a GPA of 3.75 or higher while enrolled full-time. Wright said the current crop of COLA students continues to seek academic challenges as they pursue professional opportunities for their eventual careers.

“Our students apply for Archer Fellowships, they apply for pre-law mentoring, they prepare to become teachers, they apply for professional internships in the corporations, civic and cultural organizations, and media firms in the DFW area,” she said. “That means that they are often balancing professional internships and professional use of their skills and knowledge with their class assignments. When you’re juggling so many responsibilities … you develop strengths in your subject and in your abilities to manage time and commitments.”

The Fall 2012 list, and previous lists, may be found online at


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