Faculty Spend Spring Break on the Job

Not content to stake out a spot on a sunny coastal beach or curl up with a new book in front of a ski lodge fireplace, several College of Liberal Arts faculty members are spending their spring break working, lecturing and researching.

Dr. Ken Williford, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, is headed for Paris, France. He will help lead a seminar on consciousness and sensory experience at the Institut Jean Nicod, joining a former research partner Uriah Kriegel.

Williford said he was invited to participate in the seminar based on his previous publications and research on consciousness. “Sensory experience is a major component of conscious experience,” he said.

To the north, in Sweden, Dr. John Garrigus, Associate Professor of History and doctoral program adviser, will be leading a classroom lecture and seminar at the University of Uppsala. Garrigus will review the 1757 Haitian rebellion and a conspiracy to poison French colonists. The topic is the subject of a book he is writing with the University of Melbourne’s Trevor Burnard.

Garrigus said he was invited to speak by Fredrik Thomasson, a researcher in Swedish legal history, who saw the UT Arlington professor speak at the Association of Caribbean Historian’s annual meeting last fall. Research into Caribbean history is a popular topic in Sweden because “it provides a new perspective on how 18th century Swedes thought about global trade, colonial legal systems, cultural diversity and other topics that are of special interest in the 21st century,” Garrigus said.

Closer to home, Dr. Linda Rouse, Associate Professor of Sociology, will attend the American Medical Women’s Association’s annual meeting in New York City. Rouse said she will be working with the Gender Equity Task Force and conducting a focus group with physicians about workplace experiences, attitudes and gender issues encountered in their medical careers.


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