Four COLA Undergrads Win Research Awards

Four students in the College of Liberal Arts were recently awarded an Undergraduate Research Assistantship from the Honors College.

The $2,750 research stipends will enable students to work on research projects for the upcoming 11-week summer term, officials said. Thirteen URAs were granted to UT Arlington students in various fields of study.

The four COLA students, their faculty mentors and research topics are:

  • Jacob Bloom (Art & Art History). Mentored by Assistant Professor Seiji Ikeda. Communication design trends.
  • Gemme Campbell (Communication). Mentored by department chair and Associate Professor Dr. Charla Markham Shaw. Health communication messages and women.
  • Maureen Edobor (Political Science). Mentored by Professor Dr. Jose Gutierrez. Chicano studies.
  • Daria Woods (Political Science/Philosophy). Mentored by Political Science Professor Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers. Social media effects on politics.

Honors College senior academic advisor Bobbie Brown chaired this year’s awards committee. Members included Dr. Deborah Behan (Nursing), Dr. Jackie Stodnick (English), Dr. Jamie Rogers (Engineering) and Frank Foss (Chemistry).


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