Transatlantic History Event Broadens Appeal

Imperial power dynamics, Atlantic slavery and connected revolutions are just a few of the topics ready for discussion at the Transatlantic History Student Organization’s annual conference this month.

The 14th annual International Graduate Student Conference on Transatlantic History is slated for Oct. 25-26, with panel discussions and events held throughout the UT Arlington campus. The newly expanded event is sponsored by THSO and organizers said they are eschewing a single theme to increase participation and interest.

“We started last year allowing each panel to address a different topic,” said Nicole Léopoldie, a doctoral student and THSO president. “It allowed us to build the panels around methodological questions in transatlantic history we were trying to address.”

Broadening the scope of the conference enabled organizers to secure presenters from six different countries, said Bryan Garrett, the THSO secretary and a doctoral student.

“By going this route, we’re able to foster a broader dialogue and expand the view of transatlantic history,” he said.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra (UT Austin) who will present a lecture titled “Hybrid Atlantics.” The keynote address will be at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25, in the Hospitality Suite of the College Park Center.

The organizers said the conference is for more than historians. Léopoldie said her team took an interdisciplinary approach and secured presentations from doctoral students and young scholars trained in art history and ,sociology as well as various area studies.

The conference is also multilingual, featuring Spanish- and German-language presentations throughout the eight panels.

Léopoldie also said each of the conference participants will have the opportunity to see their work published in the Transatlantic History program’s peer-reviewed journal, Traversea.

While geared toward transatlantic historians and history majors, Léopoldie said she thinks there is enough diversity in the program to appeal to students of other majors. And in addition to the conference experience, Garrett said students get a chance to network with historians and researchers from across the globe.

The event is co-sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta, the Barksdale Lecture Series, the Department of History and the College of Liberal Arts.

The conference begins at 9:30 on Friday, Oct. 25, on the sixth floor of the Central Library. For more information on the conference, log on to the THSO website.


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