Sociology Professor’s Book Explores Sports, Race


A new book by Krystal Beamon, assistant professor of sociology, offers new insight into how sports alter and reflect the way we view the world when it comes to modern race relations.

In The Enduring Color Line in U.S. Athletics, Beamon assembles findings from previous research, data from the NCAA, and interviews with professional athletes to explore sports as a social construction. The book is part of the academic series, Framing the 21st Century Social Issues, and is published by Routledge. Chris M. Messer, assistant professor of sociology at Colorado State University-Pueblo, is the co-author.

Among the topics addressed is the difference between the way Hispanics are regarded in professional baseball compared with how Hispanic immigrants are regarded in society overall.

“While baseball’s ‘farming’ of Hispanic players from places like Puerto Rico and Venezuela has been great for the marketplace and has provided a new fan base,” Beamon says, “there is a fear that Hispanics may be ‘taking over’ the sport that reflects a larger societal concern over current immigration policies.”

Read more about Beamon’s book.

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