Arlington Hilton Showcases UTA Artists


Art may be temporary, but the experience can last a lifetime.

Students in Associate Professor Marilyn Jolly’s advance painting class and Professor Kenda North’s advanced photography course learned this lesson this fall when they contributed original work to a temporary installation at Arlington Hilton. The work will be sold or removed when renovations to the hotel are complete in April.

“I was approached by the Arlington Hilton earlier this semester to have students create a mural on a temporary wall that was needed to cover renovation of the lobby,” Jolly said. “I felt that it would be a lot of work and materials for something temporary and that it would be very difficult for students to work while the hotel was conducting business. My proposal to the Hilton was to have students create individual works with [the hotel’s] ‘Arlington metamorphosis’ theme that could be removed when the walls came down or be sold while in the exhibition. This allowed more interesting personal representations by the individual artists.”

Dozen of student painters and photographers contributed work and Jolly said the hotel’s marketing team was thrilled. The hotel even hosted a reception for the UT Arlington artists in mid-November and have created prominent space in the hotel lobby and second floor for the work.

“The hotel marketing team wanted to showcase positive aspects of the community, so the students’ paintings cover themes from sports events, entertainment venues, the changes in Arlington over the years and the idea of metamorphosis as well as the GM factory and local restaurants and places the students frequent,” Jolly said. “The Hilton staff were very enthusiastic about the work and plan to showcase it to various guests, conventions, meetings and other guests.

Jolly said select student artists would also be invited to speak at the Hilton’s monthly managers meetings until the exhibition ends.

The Arlington Hilton is located at 2401 Lamar Blvd., near Interstate 30.


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