New Website Highlights U.S.-Mexico War


Hundreds of newly translated and transcribed documents relating to the U.S.-Mexico War (1846-1848) are now available online for the first time in A Continent Divided: The U.S.-Mexico War.

The website promotes awareness of and scholarly activity in the U.S.-Mexico War and presents the conflicts from both sides.

“Almost all of the material written in English focuses on the American experience,” says Sam Haynes, director of the Center for Greater Southwestern Studies. “We digitized and translated 500 Mexican broadsheets that provide a great window into what the war was like for the Mexicans.”

A Continent Divided features maps, letters, diaries, broadsides, and photographs. One newly digitized diary recounts the experiences of a man stationed in U.S.-occupied Mexico City dealing with guerrilla warfare after the war.

The site is cosponsored by UTA Libraries and the Center for Greater Southwestern Studies with support from UTA’s College of Liberal Arts and the Summerlee Foundation of Dallas.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for teachers, students, and scholars to access original documents and images not available anywhere else,” says Rebecca Bichel, dean of UTA Libraries. “A Continent Divided reflects years of work with our collections, and we are committed to continually adding to the site.”

Additional materials will go online as additional funding becomes available.

(SOURCE: MavWire)

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