CTEC Students Design, Launch New Apps


Students in Senior Lecturer Brian Horton’s User Experience Design and Research class have been working in groups over the spring semester to develop a variety of mobile apps.

“Individuals were assigned to groups based on their expertise for particular skills, including database development, visual design, research/planning, and social media strategy,” Horton explained. “The only requirement for the mobile app is that it be desirable, that it makes good business sense, be feasible and usable.”

During the first half of the semester, students developed a strategic plan to ensure the viability and success of the website and app, Horton said. In the second half of the semester, students used analytics to fine tune websites and apps in preparation to launch the mobile apps.  The groups also developed an advertising plan to get the word out about the new applications. All apps officially launch during finals week.

Many of the apps target students at UTA.

  • The Dine on a Dime app allows users to search for affordable meals near campus that are under $5-$10 price range.
  • StudyHub+ is an app that will allow any student at UTA to form a study group with other students in their class. Registered users can create a new study group or search for existing groups. When creating a new group, students can give their study group a name, decide on a time and UTA location, and determine if they want the schedule to repeat. Additionally, users can search for classes by major and course number.
  • RoomResearch is a website and mobile app designed to make it easier to reserve rooms at UTA. Users can view rooms by room size (small, medium, large, open space), select multimedia options, and view floor plans.
  • MavPark is a website and mobile app created for students and faculty who want to know where they can park before they come to UTA. Rather than circle around one lot waiting for someone to leave, the user can check their app and look at the status of the parking lot.
  • AutismConnect is a website and mobile app dedicated to helping those touched by autism connect with one another for support, learning and socialization. Users can search the database to find information about upcoming events focused on autism as well as services (medical professionals, therapy providers, facilities and education, informational resources).
  • The creators of DailyDash decided to create an app that would bring an inspirational start to student’s mornings. It provides the current time, weather and an inspirational quote on the lock screen. Currently the app will work on Android and iPhones.


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