CMAS Hosts Religion, Immigration Conference

Scholars, reformers and clergy will meet Wednesday, May 21, for the first Regional Religion and Immigration Conference in UT Arlington’s Central Library.

The event, which begins at 9 a.m., is sponsored by the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS), Proyecto Inmigrante ICS, Inc., St. Matthews Catholic Church of Arlington and The Hispanic Evangelical Ministerial Alliance.

“Immigration is at the top of the agenda of the list of concerns in the Latino community,” said Christian Zlolniski, director of CMAS and associate professor of anthropology. “This is the first time a conference is organized to discuss how the broken immigration system is affecting clergy who are caught into this system. CMAS is proud to host this event and contribute to foster this important discussion.”

Organizers said the issues have significantly impacted religious organizations.

“Immigration reform is a deep concern, not only for the many undocumented families that are served in many churches across the country, but also for seminarians, pastors, future pastors and religious workers facing immigration challenges because of the unjust and broken immigration system,” said Douglas Interiano, CEO of Proyecto Inmigrante ICS. “This conference will convene religious leaders to discuss this serious problem.”

For more information about the event or access on the UT Arlington campus, contact Alma Rick in the CMAS office at (817) 272-2933.


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