Philosophy Begins Ethics Certification This Fall


Beginning this fall, UT Arlington students can earn an ethics certificate from the Department of Philosophy.

The certificate, which faculty members say will appeal to a variety of majors, requires 15 hours of credit in various philosophy and ethics courses.

“[The ethics certificate] will be of interest to people with a variety of backgrounds and professional goals for professions where ethics can be important,” said Ken Williford, associate professor and department chair. ”This could be really good for students planning to go to law school, into politics, or medicine and business. There are all kinds of ethical problems that arise in these areas.”

Williford said the courses will enable students to face various kinds of ethical issues they may encounter in their professional careers. In addition to business majors, students working toward jobs in health care, biomedical and environmental fields would benefit from the program, he said.

Williford said the ethics classes will be offered during the day and initially serve undergraduates. He hopes to expand the program to include evening and online courses for graduate and distance education students.


(Story by Elissa Ammon, COLA Communications)

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