German Students Unveil Original Play

modl_MurderAbroadflyerSince their return from Germany last summer, several UT Arlington students have had “murder” on their minds – a murder mystery, that is.

Students in Senior Lecturer Sabine Harvey’s German drama class have written an original play, “Murder Abroad.” The work will be performed live in German (with English subtitles) at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4, in the Architecture Building, Room 204.

Last summer, Harvey, coordinator for German Studies in the Department of Modern Languages, led a student group on a study abroad trip to Berlin and Erfurt, and said many of the experiences were written into the play.

“The students came up with the idea and wanted to put some of their experiences, some of the funnier incidences, into a play,” she said. “Putting this together, we realized more about ourselves and more about Germany. It’s been a very enlightening experience.”

Harvey said students used the modern German dramas they read this semester as a template for their original work. In addition to the scheduled course load, students researched the history of places they visited on the summer trip and worked those details into the play. They also met regularly an hour before class to work on acting, staging, directing and other elements necessary to build a successful performance.

“This allowed me to give my students more responsibility with something none of us have experience with,” said Harvey. “I was impressed with how much time and energy they put into the project. They used research, their own experiences, and immense creativity to work on the dialogue, acting and music. I also noticed they were more aware of the language and pronunciation throughout the whole process.”

The show is free and open to the public. The Architecture Building is located at 701 S. Nedderman Dr.


(Story by James Dunning/COLA Communciations,

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