History Major: Scholarships Make a Difference


Two scholarships from the College of Liberal Arts have made an impact on an entire Mansfield family.

History senior Rayanna Hoeft won the Barbara Jordan Scholarship and the COLA Endowed Scholarship at the 2014 acCOLAdes event this past April. For a full-time student and mother of five, the financial award gave her a boost this year.

“The scholarships were a huge help for our family,” Hoeft said.

Hoeft, who is considering a future career in museum studies or secondary education, is financing her education through student loans. But she’s not the only one with college bills: three of her children are in college (two at the University of North Texas and one at Southern Methodist University) and her husband, Todd Hoeft, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication technology at UT Arlington.

Hoeft was inspired by her daughter to return to college, and is now inspiring her own children (as well as some of her UTA classmates) to study hard, get good grades and take advantage of the awards available.

“I tell my kids, ‘Pay your dues and do it while you’re young,’” she said. “Now I’m going back and doing it. I’ve seen the hardships for some and have seen rewards for people who stay the course.”

Hoeft also said winning the scholarships has inspired her to explore becoming an on-campus tutor before she graduates in December 2015 as a way to “give back to the University.” Once an alumna, she said she hopes to set up a scholarship fund for non-traditional students.

For more information about scholarships offered by the College of Liberal Arts, visit the College’s website. To inquire about establishing a new scholarship for COLA students, email Cathleen Anderson (COLA Director of Development) or liberalarts@uta.edu.


(Story by James Dunning/COLA Communications, jdunning@uta.edu)

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