Advertising Students Tackle Chicken Campaign

comm_raisingcanesStudents in Advertising Specialist Jeff Williams’ and Associate Professor Tom Ingram’s advertising campaigns classes are working on a new campaign for regional chicken eatery, Raising Cane’s.

Williams has been working closely with the company to provide a service learning opportunity to students in the Advertising IMC Campaign development course, the capstone class in the advertising sequence.

“The students are extremely excited about this opportunity where they work directly with Raising Cane’s and will even get to pitch the final plans at the Raising Cane’s headquarters with all marketing executives evaluating,” Williams said. “Raising Cane’s has committed to treating each team of students as an individual advertising agency pitching to be the official agency of record.”

The Department of Communication students will work in teams of six to eight with each team member holding a job position as they would in an agency environment, Williams explained.

“We have five teams total and Raising Cane’s has stated only one team will be the winner, just like the real world. No second or third place,” he said. “This class functions as if each team is their own advertising agency with independent rules created by the teams. In the end, the students will present a professional presentation with research, strategy and creative executions that Raising Cane’s may actually use in the company’s ad campaigns. “

The winning team of students will go home with a unique Raising Cane’s prize, Williams added.


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