Liberal Arts Students Shine at 2015 ACES

Several students from the College of Liberal Arts won awards for their presentations at the 2015 Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES) symposium Wednesday, March 25, at the E.H. Hereford University Center.

Communication major Nadajalah Bennett won the President’s Award in the Undergraduate Poster competition. For the oral presentation sessions, other undergraduate winners were Linguistics major Jayr Logan (Provost’s Award, Morning Session), History major Courtney Broderick (Honorable Mention, Morning Session), Linguistics major Jessica Nordon (Honorable Mention, Morning Session), English major Hannah Bradley (Provost’s Award, Afternoon Session) and Communication major Lawanda McKelvy (Dean’s Award, Afternoon Session).

Top graduate students in oral presentations included Linguistic’s Kent Rasmussen (Dean’s Award, Morning Session) and Modern Languages’ Robert Phillips (Dean’s Award, Afternoon Session).

Nearly 200 UT Arlington students participated in this year’s ACES event. The annual symposium is organized by the Office of Graduate Studies. For more information, visit the ACES website.


Participating COLA students were: 

Oral Presentations

LaDonna Aiken, Communication
Daniel Amy, Linguistics & TESOL
Darcey Browning, Linguistics & TESOL
Vicki Cana, Linguistics & TESOL
Jazmin Chinea Barreto, Modern Languages
Morgan Chivers, Art & Art History
Laura Copeland, Linguistics & TESOL
Michael Deliz, History
Jason Hogue, English
Karily Garcia Cruz, Modern Languages
Alicia Garza, Modern Languages
Adam Guerrero, History
Jacob Jones, History
Ji Yea Kim, Linguistics & TESOL
Karen McAlister, Communication
Lucianne Nelson, Political Science
Jennifer Omaña, English
Robert Philips, Modern Languages
Anna Prieto, Communication
Kent Rasmussen, Linguistics & TESOL
Stephanie Sulik, History
Lukas Szrot, Sociology
John Watson, Communication
Todd Womble, English


Hannah Bradley, English
Courtney Broderick, History
Breann Brown, Music
Isaac Frias, History
Peter Hedleston, History
Doreen Hernandez, History
Felipe Javier Garcia, Modern Languages
Jayr Logan, Linguistics & TESOL
Karina Martinez, Modern Languages
Lawanda Mckelvy, Communication
Diana Moreno, Modern Languages
Anthony Musselman, History
Jessica Nordon, Linguistics & TESOL
Heribero Rodriguez, History
Jeremy Schack, Communication
Nicholas R. Wilson, English


Kimberly Johnson, Linguistics & TESOL

Nadajalah Bennett, Communication
Alyssa Dequeant, Modern Languages
Devin Hornick, Linguistics & TESOL
Karah Kattenby, Art & Art History
Eric Katz, Linguistics & TESOL
Juan Lopez, Linguistics & TESOL
Joaquín Machado, English
Abraham Montano, Modern Languages

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