Healthcare, Elections Top Political Science Week

Issues related to health insurance and the 2016 presidential elections are part of the Department of Political Science’s week-long event April 6-10.

The slate of lectures kicks off Monday with an alumni panel and faculty mixer and ends with a guest lecture from Harvard University’s Joshua Kertzer. Throughout the week, Political Science faculty members Burcu Bayram, Thomas Marshall, Allan Saxe and Brent Sasley will lead noontime discussions on a variety of topics.

For more information, visit the department’s website.



Political Science Week

Monday, April 6
Noon – Alumni Panel and Faculty mixer
University Hall, Rm. 116
6:30 p.m. – Arlington Candidates Forum
University Hall, Rm. 108

Tuesday, April 7
12:30 p.m. – Dr. Brent Sasley, “Assessing the Obama Administration’s International Policy;” Dr. Burcu Bayram, “From Class to Paycheck: What to do with international relations knowledge”
Pickard Hall, Rm. 110

Wednesday, April 8
Noon – Dr. Thomas Marshal & Dr. Allan Saxe, “Off to the Races: Electing a President in 2016”
University Hall, Rm. 108

Thursday, April 9
12:145 p.m. – Pi Sigma Alpha info session/meeting; Dr. Daniel Sledge, “Dismantling Obamacare? King v. Burwell and the Future of American Health Insurance”
Pickard Hall, Rm. 110

Friday, April 10
Noon – Dr. Joshua Kertzer (Harvard University), guest lecture
University Hall, Rm. 116

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