UTA Marching Band Gets New Look      

musi_band_uniforms_sketchAt a national competition last fall, UT Arlington Marching Band Director Dr. John Zastoupil watched several thousand high school band students walk by, each dressed in crisp black-and-white uniforms.

Then he looked at the Mavericks marching band and saw the same thing. And that’s when a plan began to update the band’s performance uniforms.

“At the Band of America Super Regional Championships, we looked like everyone else,” Zastoupil said. “No one could really tell who we were. I knew we needed to update our look to better represent the University.”

So Zastoupil and his colleagues in the Department of Music submitted a proposal to replace the 13-year-old uniforms. In February, the University approved the purchase of 200 new uniforms – navy pants and white jackets with orange accents and the UTA Mavericks logo prominently displayed.

“These new uniforms look like UTA,” Zastoupil said. “When we go to shows in the fall, it will be obvious we are from UTA. Our current students are very excited. It’s a recruiting tool and it’s important the branding piece is in place.”

Recruiting for a marching band can be an exciting challenge when your university doesn’t have a football program, Zastoupil said. Some high school students want that game-day experience, performing each week in front of thousands of screaming fans while others enjoy the more competitive atmosphere. But the band’s competitive approach and quality routines cause many around the nation to take a second look at UTA, Zastoupil said.

“A lot of people around the country appreciate that we do this at a really high level,” he said. “We can do things that are a little more intricate and advanced than your average college band. We get to create our own opportunities through exhibitions and hosting events on campus.”

The new uniforms will debut Oct. 6 during Dean Corey Night, an Arlington ISD event, at Maverick Stadium. The UTA Marching Band will also host and participate in the Bands of America regional competition Oct. 10.

Professor and Department Chair Rick Bogard is confident the new look will turn heads.

“Aside from our athletic teams, our marching band may reach more of the public than any other element of the University,” Bogard said. “Marching band uniforms are constructed to last for years; our old ones have stood the test of time, but the time has come to retire them for a fresher, more contemporary look. We feel that the new uniforms will go far to spread the name of UTA and will enhance recruiting for the band and the University. We are most appreciative to the University for providing funds necessary to purchase the new uniforms.”

Zastoupil said the band’s final fall rehearsal on Oct. 22 at Maverick Stadium will be a special benefit show for parents, alumni and the greater Arlington community.

“Our 2015 show will celebrate the recent history of UTA marching band,” he said. “Our student leadership picked out the best music from three decades of shows. They came up with some cool musical and visual ideas to make this show something special.”

For more information on the UTA Marching Band, visit the group’s website.



(Story by James Dunning/COLA Communications, jdunning@uta.edu)


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