Tech Writing Students Boost Local Charity


This fall, students in Senior Lecturer Christian Worlow’s Technical Writing class will create and revise documents for Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County.

Students will spend the semester revising instructional materials, creating new volunteer brochures and updating the organization’s employee handbook. Worlow hopes serving the needs of a real-world client will resonate with his students.

“This is a service-learning opportunity for the students, something to get them more invested in what they’re learning in the classroom,” Worlow said. “At the same time, they are helping people in the community and helping an organization that is a mainstay in the area.”

Worlow’s partner at Meals on Wheels is his former high school teacher, Terry Buckner, Coordinator of Volunteer Recruitment. She hopes the experience will make a lasting impact on the students.

“We always hope young people exposed to volunteer opportunities as students will become life-long volunteers,” Buckner said. “Many of our volunteers began as children, delivering meals with parents or grandparents and decided to become Meals On Wheels volunteers when the opportunity became available.”

Buckner said Worlow’s students will work on a guideline booklet for drivers – an essential instructional aide for volunteers.

“Our ‘Driver’s Guideline Booklet’ is instrumental in helping our volunteers follow the rules and procedures when delivering,” said Buckner. “The booklet also covers what to do when faced with an emergency with a homebound person, so it is a vital piece of our overall volunteer scope.”

In addition to the tech writing students, Worlow said students enrolled in the Department of English’s internship course – which he is coordinating this year – will help manage the project as well as work on volunteer recruitment materials.

For more information about Meals on Wheels of Tarrant Country, visit the organization’s website at




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