UTA Alum Expands Business, Helps Children’s Hunger


Tamara Hext Hilliard, 1987 UTA graduate with a BA in Radio and TV Broadcasting, is bringing affordable healthy gourmet to the everyday consumer with her woman owned, Texas based health food company.

Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola introduces their all-natural, non-GMO health food to Walmart stores across the country this month.  As families and shoppers seek more natural and nutritional food options from the retail giant, Tay’s Gourmet becomes the newest health food company to partner with Walmart and hit the shelves.

“Finding healthy food your family will love doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive anymore.  I’m excited to bring my hand-crafted superfood granola to families across the US, and partnering with Walmart means people will be able to find great food options in their neighborhood.”

-Founder and CEO Tamara Hilliard.

Tamara Hilliard started making Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola in her home in early 2009, as a healthy breakfast and snack food for her family.  The former Miss Texas winner understood the value of keeping delicious and nutritious snacks around her house instead of unhealthy junk-food options.

“It all started with a week-long yoga intensive workshop, where I fell in love with a mix of roasted nuts, seeds and grains”, Tamara explains.  Upon returning home she turned her newfound passion into a business and started making a unique blend of granola packed with nuts, oats, fruit, seeds and berries.

Expanding their distribution doesn’t mean Tay’s Gourmet will change their small-batch manufacturing or hand-crafted process.  Tamara states she will keep the same attention to detail and high-quality ingredients that made her a national sensation.

“Every bag contains all-natural, non-GMO, nutritional superfoods without any additional fillers or extra sugar.  Packed full of fruits, nuts and seeds, each one of our four flavors are high in healthy omegas and have zero cholesterol or trans fats.  You’ll love putting Tay’s Gourmet on everything from yogurt, cookies, waffles, smoothies or just eat it by itself”, Tamara adds.

Tay’s Gourmet is also a proud partner with Children’s Hunger Fund, and provides a meal to a child in crisis for every bag sold.

“Every time you purchase any bag of Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola, you will be sending a nutritious meal to a hungry child in need.”, Tamara explains.  “I am passionate about fighting hunger and delivering hope to children in need across the world.”

Visit taysgourmet.com to learn more or to find a Walmart store near you with Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola.

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