UTA Student Meets Political Idols

Though classroom time is invaluable for the typical undergraduate experience, the University of Texas at Arlington offers students real-world internships to deepen the practical application of their studies. 

The Archer Fellowship Program was established by The University of Texas System in conjunction with former U.S. Representative Bill Archer as a way to bring highly motivated and accomplished students to Washington, D.C., for a comprehensive academic and professional experience. Selection is based on a competitive application process, and each cohort of Archer Fellows is comprised of the best and brightest students from across the UT System.

For UTA political science major David Austin Black, an Archer Fellowship internship at the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C. meant meeting a few of his political idols. 

Chief Justice Roberts
Chief Justice John Roberts with UTA Political Science Major David Austin Black

“The most memorable experience I will take away from the Archer Fellowship Program was meeting the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts,” said Black. “I have read many court cases authored by Chief Justice Roberts, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to meet him while I was in D.C. That’s the best thing about the Archer Fellowship Program: you never know what opportunities you’re going to have.”

The Archer Fellowship Program is an excellent introduction to the world of policy, politics, media and public service. The Archer semester has launched the careers of dozens of UTA students over the past decade and a half, and has inspired countless professional relationships and friendships for life.


“In my view, the Archer semester in Washington is the best of the many such opportunities sponsored by academic and for-profit undergraduate programs,” said Karl Petruso, Dean of UTA Honors College. “It combines a full-time professional internship in a field of the student’s choice (in government or the private sector) with three courses on policymaking, advocacy communication, and the history and culture of Washington.”

Black spent the spring semester of 2016 at the Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs Section (CIAS) in the Embassy of Canada.  “Chatting with the Canadian Ambassador to the US, attending the arrival ceremony of and later meeting Prime Minister Trudeau, and getting a tour of the West Wing are just a few more of the amazing opportunities that were afforded to me.”

Black will attend University of Texas Law School in Fall 2016 and aspires to practice international human rights law focusing on the Eurasia area. 

For more information on the Archer Fellowship, visit http://www.archercenter.org/archer-fellowship-program.html

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