CALL FOR PAPERS: Cultural Constructions 2017

Culture and Society: Bridging the Gap

April 10th&11th, 2017

The biennial Cultural Constructions Conference, hosted by the Department of Modern Languages and The UT Arlington Library, brings together student, professional and faculty presenters for collegial and engaging multidisciplinary conversations.

The question of culture has become increasingly more significant in recent years in today’s society. The worldwide economic depression, dating from the crisis of 2008, has placed more pressure on universities to make their students employable in a rapidly changing market and multicultural society. Higher tuition fees have meant that students want more ‘value for money’ and clearer career outcomes from a university education. University is a context which stands in a unique position to deliver professional skills within society by means of experiential learning within it. Professional practice affects and influences the paradigms within society and culture. University teaching and training ideally draws from both the academic discussion of education and professional and society needs of the culture where students develop their activity. This biennial Cultural Constructions Conference will investigate the role of several groups of society in today’s world. This topic has seldom been explored in confined boxes, but here the aim is to interconnect the different spheres through culture and society as a continuum and engage multidisciplinary conversations. However, sometimes the role groups’ of society do not understand nor know the connection between them which is necessary in order to reach an appropriate balance. This is why, Cultural Constructions 2017, Culture and Society: Bridging the Gap, will bring together people enrolled in several society spheres in order to find some of the answers to today’s daily newspapers’ headlines, coffee talks, politics crisis and classrooms’ discussions, among others.

Suggested panels:

Panel 1. Traveling the World: Revisiting the Library.

Panel 2. The Military and Police Roles’ in Society: Breaking Walls, Building Bridges.

Panel 3. Community, Culture and University: Experiential Learning within Society.

Panel 4. Society and Diversity: Race, Sex and Identity.

Panel 5. Translation and Interpreting.

Panel 6. World Languages, Literatures and Cultures: The Mirrors of Society.

The planning team members feel that those are very current topics that need further exploration within the University, Society and Culture context.

The planning team members are Dr. Alicia Rueda-Acedo, Dr- Lonny Harrison and Dr. Ana Gregorio-Cano (Modern Languages Department).

We welcome papers from a range of approaches (pedagogic, professional, sociological, psychological, among others) and disciplines (literature, linguistics, translation, history, sociology, anthropology, social work, political sciences, criminal justice, etc.) that will investigate the role of different agents in culture and society across the world and through the time by addressing any combination of the above questions.

Important dates

02.09.2017 Deadline for submission of abstracts

Inquiries to be sent to Dr. Ana Gregorio-Cano ( with “Culture and Society: Bridging the Gap” mentioned in the e-mail title.

02.23.2017 Notification of acceptance

04.10.2017-04.11.2017 Cultural Constructions will be held in UTA.

This event is free.

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