Fast Capitalism: Issue dedication to Dr. Ben Agger

BEn AggerThe Center for Theory’s scholarly journal Fast Capitalism just released the latest issue (14.1). This issue is dedicated to Dr. Ben Agger who passed away, summer of 2015.

Dr. Bob Kunovich, Professor and Chair of the Sociology & Anthropology Department writes, “Every once in a while, we are reminded to reflect on the people that have impacted us.  I am happy to have had the opportunity to do that now.  UTA is a lesser place without Ben, but a much better place for having had him here while we did”.


Agger was a Professor of Sociology at UT Arlington, the founding director of the Center for Theory, the founding editor of Fast Capitalism, and a former dean of the College of Liberal Arts (CoLA). Dr. Agger was also a prolific author with profound insights and a well-respected author in the field.  Dr. Joshua Olsberg,  Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies at National University describes, “In an era in which public intellectuals may be feeling trapped or discouraged about the possibilities for emancipatory action, Ben gave us a roadmap to resistance”.

Read more about the life and contributions of our friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. Ben Agger in the latest issue of Fast Capitalism:

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