UT Arlington’s Emotion Robotics Living Lab is open and ready for a close-up


UT Arlington’s new Emotion Robotics Living Lab opened fall semester 2017 and features two robots designed to connect with humans on an emotional level and act as companions.  The new lab gives hands-on experience working with the robots to UTA students enrolled in Dr. Julienne Greer’s Theatre Arts Course, “Robots, Digital Humanities, and Theatre.”

The lab space, which has recently piqued the interest of the local media, is located in Preston Hall on the main UTA campus. The class is open to all students, regardless of major, interested in learning more about companion robots and the place they will hold in our future. Greer said, “The interdisciplinary nature of the lab and the course is one of the innovative qualities and what seems to interest the public and the media.”

In the last two days, Greer and the Robotics Living Lab team have spoken with CBS Channel 11, NBC Channel 5, and the Star-telegram about the new lab and course initiatives with very positive receptions.  The flurry of activity follows UTA’s press release on the new Emotional Robotics Living Lab. Greer said, “People are very interesting in social robots, it is exciting to share this news and where UTA is headed in this field with the DFW community.”

For more information, please read the press release on the UTA News Center. For more information about UTA’s Theatre Arts Department, visit http://www.uta.edu/theatre/.

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