Art students featured in top design publication

Packaging art by UTA students Elena Chudoba and Andrew Czap is featured in the 2016 Communication Arts Design Annual, the top design publication in the U.S. The art is part of a packaging project led through UTA’s Visual Communication program in the Department of Art and Art History.


“Patriot Paddles, a line of Ping-Pong paddles, celebrates the rush of the game and all it stands for: American history, good times and freedom. I designed packaging that can be tucked into a backpack or stored in a desk or on a shelf, as it mimics the appearance of a college textbook. Historical references pepper the design and illustration. May the force of the Patriot Paddles be with you,” said Chudoba.

UTA is the only university in Texas partnering with the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF). In the unique packaging lab on campus, UTA’s Visual Communication Design program offers curriculum in the structural design of corrugated materials. Find out more about the award-winning program:

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